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To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to grow up to become productive, caring, and responsible citizens.

The Boys & Girls Club is open every day after school and all day during the summer to ensure that our youth have a safe, fun, and positive environment to be a part of. By doing this, as well as providing high yield activities, targeted programs, and encouraging regular attendance, the Boys & Girls Club of Huntington County give members the tools, guidance, and opportunities to achieve academic success, to be instilled with good character and citizenship, and to maintain healthy lifestyles.

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The national Boys and Girls Club was founded in 1906, originally named the Federated Boys’ Club and later the Boys’ Club of America. In 1990, the organization was renamed The Boys & Girls Club of America to reflect the Club’s commitment to serving all young persons. Since 1987, the Boys & Girls Club of America has founded more than 4,000 new locations nationwide.  
 The Huntington County Boys and Girls Club was proposed in the late 1990’s by the Chief Probation Officer along with the Juvenile Judge as a response to then increasing juvenile presence in the judicial system. The need was evident for the community to develop year round programs for children that addressed the physical, emotional and educational needs of its members, as well as working in conjunction with other area programs. 
The Boys and Girls Club of Huntington County, Inc. was incorporated in 1998. The club began serving the youth of the Huntington Community in February 2001.


Club members feel confident when they acquire new skills and know they can do something well. This happens naturally through participation in programs, but it can be enhanced through a conscious effort to help girls and boys develop skills and to recognize them formally and informally for their achievements.
Club members know the satisfaction of doing something of value for others. It is important to seek out opportunities for young people of all ages to do something useful for others, whether it is helping at the Club or participating in community service projects.
Club members know they are welcome and feel that they are accepted. This occurs naturally in Boys & Girls Clubs. The Club enhances this feeling through warm greetings from staff, the use of membership cards, small group programs, Club T-shirts, publishing and posting names and photographs of young people involved in programs. The Club helps young people feel safe, comfortable and accepted at the Club.
Club members know their opinions are heard and valued and that they can influence decisions. The Club enhances this through participation in youth councils, discussion groups, interest surveys and other opportunities to contribute to the development of Club programs and rules.
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