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Mandy is the Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington County and has been since October 2005. Mandy studied at Purdue University, she worked 5 years as a Program Director at both the Adams County Boys & Girls Club & the Jorgensen YMCA. She knows every line to Dirty Dancing and loves rocking out in the car with her son to “Don’t Stop Believin.’”


Ashley is our Director of Operations and has been working at the Club since 2003. She started at the front desk while in college, and although she had been planning to attend law school, after becoming involved with Club programming, she found that she couldn’t leave it behind. Ashley speaks Arabic, loves Harry Potter, and could probably beat you in a game of Spades with one hand tied behind her back. 


Desiree is our Program Director and has been at the Club since 2010. She studied Journalism and Secondary Education at Ball State. Desiree volunteered at a Club while she was in college and enjoyed her experience so much, she started working for us! She loves the Colts, is terrified of birds, and was named after a Neil Diamond song.  


Zach is our Program Coordinator and was a Youth Development Professional for four years prior to his new position at the Club. He started off as a volunteer and now runs Muscle Men and Indiana Kids. After switching his major twice, he graduated from Huntington University in 2016 with a degree in Elementary and Special Education. Zach believes that the best part of working at the Club is getting to spend time with the kids and hear how their lives are going. He also believes that Netflix is life.


Melinda is our Executive Assistant and has been working at the club since 2014. Melinda was a business owner for 18 years and was previously a Human Resource Generalist before joining our team. Her favorite part about working at the club is seeing timid children blossom with confidence instilled by our club staff. Her dream is to someday reside in an old creaky library located deep in a woods where it’s always Autumn, while honing her ninja warrior skills along with her grandsons.          


Tim is our Education Coordinator and in house artist who has been with us since 2011. He runs art classes daily for our members, and is always willing to help when we need decorations. Tim loves photography and to cook and bake. His favorite part of working at the Boys & Girls Club is sharing his knowledge with members to boost their creativity. 


Allison has been with the Club since 2009, but started attending the Club when she was just 11 years old. Alison currently works with our teen members in the Teen Center. Alison graduated from Huntington North High School in 2012, and went on to complete three semesters at IPFW. When she is not busy at work, Alison enjoys playing slow pitch softball, riding 4 wheelers, and being a youth leader at her church. If you ask Alison who the cutest baby ever is, she will definitely tell you that it’s her niece!        


Anna is our Volunteer & Alumni Association Coordinator.  She graduated in May of 2017 with degrees in both Social Work and Psychology as well as a minor in Sociology and will be starting a Masters program in Social Work next year.  She has been in a commercial and a travel guide and loves anything that involves food, but not more than her boxer/mastiff mix dog, Max! Anna believes the mission of the Club is to provide children with resources and skills that they may not have access to in order to reach their full potential.


 Angel is our Warren Site Coordinator. She was a member of the Club for 13 years and because of her experience as a child she wanted to give back to the community and help todays children understand no matter what their background is that they are worth everything. She believes she would not be who she is today without the Boys & Girls Club. Angel has a beautiful daughter named Aubrey and loves to bargain hunt and thrift shop!

Dawn is our Prevention Specialist.  She runs the Prevention Program and does high school homework help. Dawn is a mother of 3 children, loves Jesus, and chocolate!  She is also in her final year at Huntington University in their Professional Programs for Non-profit Leadership.  Dawn wants to be able to help and build-up all the students she works with because "Their smiles are great!". 


 Jenna is our Junior Staff Supervisor.  She runs career development programs for the Junior staff and teen members. She is currently a senior at IPFW studying Communications. She enjoys seeing moments where the mission and hard work are making a difference with the kid's lives! Jenna spent a summer teaching English in China. She loves plants, and eating tacos whenever she gets the chance!


Sarah works in our 4th grade homework room.  She is a Senior at Grace College majoring in Counseling and hopes to work with youth after graduating.  After hearing about all the good BGC has done for the Huntington community she wanted to become a part of what we do.  She has a heart for young people and seeing them grow to their full potential.  Sarah loves cooking, traveling, gardening, music, and animals (especially dogs, because they are the best)!   


Lucas works in our 2nd grade room and runs the SmartKids program. He is currently studying Sports Management at Huntington University. Lucas's favorite part of working at BGC is building relationships with the kids and seeing their personal growth.  He can quote the entire movie School of Rock and enjoys playing the guitar and piano during his free time.


Daline is our Front Desk Attendant. She graduated from New Philadelphia High School, then worked for Ormsby appliance for 11 years. She loves working with children, the public, and the staff. When Daline isn’t assisting our Front Desk, she’s part of the Huntington County Disaster Team. If you are ever out walking your dog, you might meet Daline, because she needs to pet every dog she sees. 


Caleb works in our Junior game room. He is currently studying Youth Ministry at Huntington University. Caleb loves music, movies, and golf. His favorite show is Doctor Who likely because he loves to go on adventures. Caleb's favorite part about working here is hearing the kid's jokes because they truly brightens his day.


Madi is a Youth Development Professional who began in April 2016. She is currently studying Social Work at Huntington University. Madi runs our Game Room and Subs. She heard about the Club through a class at HU, and became a volunteer, but she loved us so much she decided to start working here instead. Madi is an addict of both coffee and thrift shopping. She has no intention of quitting or getting help.


Brenna is our 5th grade homework room helper.  She attends Manchester University and is majoring in Elementary Education.  She loves to see the kids work hard and see how proud they are of what they have accomplished in the end.  Brenna likes the Disney movies Moana and Pete's Dragon, but she loves her cat, Oliver.  Brenna thinks the mission of the Boys & Girls Club is putting effort and dedication into every child and to make sure they get the help they need.


Morgan works at our front desk and watches the kids before school and then also does our Cadet yoga class and tween night.  She attends IPFW with a major in Early Education.  Morgan loves reading and music and it's her goal to learn how to play the guitar.  Her favorite part about working at Boys & Girls Club is getting to know all the kids and having a blast with them. 

Jordan runs our Rhyme Time program.  Naturally, his favorite part of working with the kids is seeing their creativity through writing.   Jordan looooves movies and he writes his own rap music.  Whales are his favorite animal which is no surprise because he loves to swim under water. Jordan is currently a student at Huntington University studying Communications and Public Relations.

David works in our gym.  He is a Senior at Huntington University majoring in Social Work which is how he heard about this position at the Boys & Girls Club.  David loves Star Wars and to collect records.  He is a world traveler having been to four other countries but we all know there is no place like home.  David says his favorite part about the club is getting to see the kids feel welcome and safe while getting to interact with so many other kids! 


Joy is a graduate of HU with a degree in Missions. Joy is in charge of running our Creative Canvas and Girls & Glam clubs. If you see Joy with a paintbrush in her hand, its because she loves to paint! Another thing Joy enjoys doing in her spare time is playing "Disney Scene- It" with her family. Joy says her favorite part about working at the Club is seeing members grow their artistic skills and confidence. 


Carissa does Homework Help here at the Club.  She is currently a student at Manchester University studying Sociology & Peace Studies.  When this Hufflepuff member isn't at the Boys & Girls Club she loves to thrift shop.  Her favorite part about working here is "The kiddos.  Every day one of the B&G Club members will blow me away with their kind actions, creative minds, or desire to learn."

Sam runs our Kindergarten Homework room. She is studying Elementary and Secondary Education at Huntington University. She loves the original Star Trek series as well as sewing and needlework. Her favorite parts about this job are those little moments when you see the light bulb go off in a members head and you can see them understanding something new for the first time.

Payton works in our game room. She graduated from Huntington North High School in 2016. Payton used to be a Club member and loved it so much she came back to work. She loves finding a deal at garage sales, reading non-fiction books, fishing and hanging out with her family. If you ever can't find her though, she is probably in a dark room binge watching the next great show on Netflix!
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